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Get our amazing carbon and energy quantification tool to help you calculate your carbon footprint and energy consumption.

In addition to our SECR assessments, we have developed the CEn-Calc to empower businesses to accurately calculate their own annual carbon footprint. The CEn-Calc is an easy to use, Excel-based carbon and energy calculator that will provide you with a robust, comparable data set that supports your legal compliance and business obligations through a repeatable process. It covers scopes 1 (direct greenhouse gases), 2 (indirect energy emissions e.g. purchased electricity) and 3 (other indirect emissions e.g. business travel and waste). CEn-Calc will save you time and money on consultancy fees and will enable you to calculate your carbon footprint year on year (an annual update is available with the latest DEFRA conversion factors to ensure accuracy).

To find out more and to order your CEn-Calc, please click on the link below.