Businesses need to manage a variety of risk issues, often on a daily basis. Sustainable Footprints will work with you to understand risk from your perspective and meet the identified challenges. This approach enables us to provide you with bespoke strategic advice and innovative solutions across a wide range of risks.

Sustainable Footprints are experienced in working with businesses to identify, assess and control their risks whilst exploiting opportunities.


Risk management is a process which allows you to identify and manage potential risks to your business and enables you to minimise threats and maximise opportunities and outcomes. These threats and risks could come from a wide variety of sources including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, technological issues, strategic management errors, accidents, natural disasters and, as 2020 showed us, pandemics. It focuses on anticipating what might go wrong and putting measures in place to reduce the uncertainty and potential impact to your organisation and its objectives.

Risk management planning considers the various potential risks or events to an organisation before they occur enabling it to save money and protect its future. A robust risk management plan will help a business establish procedures to avoid potential threats, minimise their impact and cope with the results. Being able to control and understand risks will enable more confident decision making.